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Study Document Checklist for Malta

Malta admits foreign citizens, having the background education corresponding to the level of general secondary education as required. Besides, the Maltin universities admit individuals having the Bachelor degree to Masters Courses. Those foreign citizens who have got a higher education on the level of Master of Sciences and experience of work in their specialty are admitted as Post-graduate-students. Foreign students having a higher education on the level of Master of Sciences and having a command of the language of instruction in most cases English, can be assigned to Study in accepted Universities as applicants for the scientific Doctoral studies (Ph.D.), and those who have a Ph.D. degree may pursue a Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc.) in order to prepare a thesis under the guidance of a scientific advisor.

To get the letter of invitation, international students should have:

Educational certificate including all studied subjects and marks in it
Passport as many as may be requested by application terms.
Application form
Please note that all documents must be translated in Malta.

The candidate gets an official invitation for Malta. This invitation should be presented to the Embassy of Malta to get visa.

Once you are accepted upon the conclusion of your invitation, International students are requires preparing themselves for all the necessary requirements that may be demanded upon arrival these types of documents are listed below:

All students arriving in Malta should have the following documents:

Educational certificate including all studied subjects and marks in it
Medical certificate given by an official public health service in the native country of the candidate
AIDS test certificate given by an official of public health service of the country of arrival of the candidate
Copy of the birth notification
10 photos 4 x 6 cm
National passport with the Maltin study visa
All documents should have notarized translation in English.
Foreign students shall be admitted to the Universities in the on completion of obligatory medical examination (on a compensation basis) in medical establishment in the place of study to acknowledge absence of contra-indications to study in Malta. The cost of primary medical examination is around 58 USD.

The health services of the accepted foreign students are offered on a compensation basis. Additionally, foreign students are required to have the contract of obligatory medical insurance usually (85 EUR per year). On its basis they will receive medical help in emergency cases. Above all, students must pass annual medical examination (35 USD per year).

Note: there may be an option to transfer credits or incoming students, however, this is specific to the situation being applied to and if they recognize the accreditation board(s) under which your previous university was enlisted to.

Once all documents have been submitted, the application vetting process is completed and successful students are notified usually within a period of not more than 2-3 weeks and a formal acceptance letter is issued after a down payment towards tuition. Thereafter students are able to register and enlist to a study of choice and choose courses for their desired start semester.

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