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Our Mission

Sunmerges is the foremost international students recruiting company employing the services of a team from Australia in committed and credible education professionals.

Our mission is to offer high quality education & training, publications and consultancy services that will make an effective difference.

We are committed to our customer centric philosophy. Our mission is to help our students achieve their goals by providing them world class service that is both reliable and competitively superior.

To become the nodal point of contact for students and parents for all kinds of study abroad in Australia by facilitating the updated information and recommending right courses to all students. With our esteemed effort we want to promote ourselves in a professional manner. Our concrete focus is in meeting international market requirements. We wish to make international education accessible for all students.

Business Objectives

We pace forward with a single minded devotion towards the cause of promoting high quality overseas education, widespread among different sections of the student community in Asia. In order to do that efficiently, we’ve developed a very strong network of acquaintance and business relationship with numerous educational institutions across India.

To do this, we’re backed by a dedicated, experienced and well versed team of industry professionals who look into student counseling, assistance provision and unconditional support so that our students will be at the best receiving end. Their technical prowess is highly lauded in the industry and we solely believe that its knowledge that empowers any organization and we run on that principle. It always worked!

  • We’ve a set of long established goals, in pursuit of which, we are continually bettering ourselves, minute by minute, hour by hour. We thrive to achieve these goals to find ourselves scale the pioneered throne of being the best overseas educational recruiter in the market. Following are our endeared goals.
  • To incorporate a giant brand monotonously which serves various areas of the industry unraveled.
  • To be a part of the prestigious project of enabling Indian students explore global education, we’ll be delighted when it happens through us especially.
  • To expand our business horizons in an unparalleled manner to rowing forward.
  • To act as a strengthened and reliable communicator between the student recruiters and students themselves.
  • To emancipate the local and global student markets from orthodox inhibitions and misconceptions to create awareness among the student communities about the global educational prospects.

Our sole mission is to create a single, strong and giant brand which caters to all the needs of overseas education, which we’re willing to in an unflinching manner. Thereby, creating a brand which bridges the gulf between overseas educational institutions and the local student communities.

We market this way

Overseas educational fairs

Upon deliberation, we always are successful in bringing down the representatives of our authorized institutions to conduct education fairs and overseas education awareness campaigns to where we invite students. Thereby, we’re successful in creating interactive platforms where a lot of information exchange between the institutions and students will take place. These educational fairs also include spot admission opportunities which students can avail depending upon their eligibility and interest.

We make ourselves heard

It has been a part of our priority list that we make sure that our voice is heard. We feature ourselves in the popular forums and discussions and we spread out the good word about overseas education. We know empowerment happens via information exchange and we never make excuses for staying calm. In this way, we educate the students about the latest trends and keep them informed, time to time.

Advertising never failed us

We look to capture prominent spaces in the famous publications so that our word reaches out there to the student masses in the most rewarding way possible. We always stay available for the leading publications to spread out the updates and information about overseas education. We have a strong bench of supporting professionals dispersed proportionately across the country to stay available to advertising firms and publications.

Workshops do work out

We believe in creating platforms where a lot of information can be exchanged. We conduct workshops very rigorously in and out across the target locations to empower students regarding overseas education. We bring together the student recruiters and students onto a single platform, let them share views, opinions and information. We also pick up a program oriented approach to promote the most booming major of any particular nation or institution.

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“I loved Sunmerges Education, because you really become part of a family with the rest of your sunmerges mates. I thought that was such a unique part of my time abroad when a lot of my friends in other programs had hundreds of students and felt little to no connection with their program. I really appreciated that everyone in sunmerges was so close and comfortable with each other.”

Tamil Selvan

Sales force Developer, Iflex Pro