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Migration and Visa Help

Visa Guidance

Sunmerges Education and Migration Provides honest and reliable Guidance in

  • Visa Documentation
  • Personal Interview Preparation to candidates attending the various Consulates/High Commissions for obtaining Visa.
  • Various complex processes involved in various visa types and overall
  • Going through whole visa process.

Whether you are looking for work visa to Australia or sponosored visa to Australia, we can help you. We can cater and service any of below visa categories with unmatched expertise from our registered migration lawyers:

  • TSS SC 482 Visa – Short to Medium term work visa
  • SC 491 Visa – Employer Nomination Scheme Visa
  • SC 820 / SC 801 Visa – Onshore Spouse Visa
  • SC 600 Visa – Visitor Visa to Australia
  • SC 500 Visa – Student Visa
  • SC 189 Visa
  • SC 190 Visa
  • SC 494 Visa
  • SC 407 Visa – Training Visa
  • SC 408 Visa – Temporary Activity Visa

So whether you are looking for temporary stay Visa for Australia or permanent residency visa for Australia, contact team at Sunmerges Education and Migration now for honest and reliable guidance.

We have the latest information in visa related issues and we ensure our students are kept informed. Sometimes even the most deserving students fail to get Visas, as they do not have the knowledge to present data before the consulate office. Our mock interviews and expert guidance in document preparation help students become more confident and clear the VISA interview in the first attempt.

Student Visas

Student Visas are issued for the period it takes the visitor to complete his/her course of study, program or work assignment.

Requirements for obtaining student visa are: Admission in a recognized University, Provision of fees, Financial capacity to meet lodging and boarding expenses, Ties – financial and family, to make the student return to home country.

Steps for obtaining student visa are: Scoring marks high in TOFEL or IELTS, Offer letter from a foreign recognized and accredited University and in the Visa interview, which is the third and the last step, the applicant of a Student Visa should know that his Passport, Bank Certificates and Offer Letter reveal all necessary particulars to the Consular Officer.

Important Tips for Visa Interview

The Visa interview is the grand finale for all the students who intend to study abroad. A student may go on any day for the Visa interview, in general in the 90 days period prior to the expiry date mentioned on the Offer Letter/Letter of Admission / Acceptance or the I-20.

We at Sunmerges Education believe that a good preparation and systematic Visa file containing all the Documentation required helps a student to reply promptly and confidently at the Visa interview. We assist the student in this respect by conducting mock interviews to ensure that a student is confident, clear and not only thoughtful but also truthful in the Visa interview. Student should tackle the questions asked tactfully.

Under Australian immigration law, anyone who wishes to operate as a migration agent or would like to provide migration advise must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (“MARA”). Sunmerges Education Migration and Financial Services Confirms that all its Migration agents are registered with MARA which is responsible authority for administrating the Code of Conduct for Migration Agents in Australia. The Code is intended to regulate the conduct of migration agents. Amongst the requirements of the Code, is the ability of agents to demonstrate good character as well as competency in the provision of Australian immigration advice.

A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found in Schedule 2 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998.

To view the Code of Conduct please click here

For a copy of the Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession

Click Here

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