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Moving to another country, especially at a young age can be daunting, and we understand that.

A very important part of adapting to the new culture and environment is in making a new home away from your home country. The right accommodation makes all the difference and will set the tone for your transition to living abroad.

Our team of counsellors works with you and your parents to understand the kind of accommodation that would be the best suited for you.

We take into consideration factors such as safety, travel time, cost, quality of life, and college timings when advising you on making the choice between on and off campus accommodation.

ON Campus Accommodation

On campus accommodation are within the campus or quite close to the campus, these are either owned and managed by the Institutes themselves or given to professional facility management company to manage on their behalf. Typically options on campus accommodation vary some options below:

  • Large dorm styled rooms ./ halls which house between 5 – 10 students in same hall with shared Kitchen and other Facilities
  • One or Two room styled housing shared by 2 – 4 students, usually offer one Toilet and Kitchen for both rooms
  • Single occupancy room for more private styled living only for single person, this offers private toilet and small kitchenette with in the room for self catering

OFF CAMPUS Accommodation

Temporary Accommodation
Students quite often find themselves in sticky situation where most of the on campus accommodation is already booked and have possibly rely on Temporary accommodation. Temp’ accommodations are Typical Hotels, Motels or Bed and Breakfast which can be booked on per night price or for max weekly basis. These can be found in the city or close proximity to the campus. Studyabroad.co.in has online reservation to more than 10,000 such Cheaper accommodation options around the world, GO AHEAD AND USE ONLINE BOOKING NOW!

Host Family stay (Paying Guest)
Host family is another popular accommodation preferred by students, this is very similar to Paying Guest styled rooms offered by Local families. Usually rooms are Furnished or semi furnished with Beds, study Table and other required facilities. These are typically a single room either for single or two students. Two meals are usually provide by the host family. Students are also allowed to use common facilities of the house.

Private Accommodation
There are typically two styles of private rental properties: shared and single. These are semi or full furnished Apartments (not part of Campus). Occupants of shared accommodation usually divide household expenses such as telephone and electricity. These are independently leased by students as per their budget or requirement.

Approximate weekly rent
Unfurnished apartment: $200-$350
Unfurnished house: $300-$450

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